About Us

Here, at US Car Transport we understand how important it is to find the best way to transport your automobile. The experience and quality service we provide can make the steps in transporting your car a seamless process. We value each and every one of our customers and make every attempt to give their car shipping needs our utmost attention. Whether it’s filling out our quick and free online quote form, or speaking to our customer service agents via phone or live chat, we try to ensure our customers are given the knowledge and best rates to make an informed decision about shipping their autos. Please feel free to call (800) 352-0994 and speak to one of our knowledgeable and friendly staff members any time. 

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US CAR TRANSPORT delivered a Ford F250 for Lance and the customer wrote:

“US CAR TRANSPORT was fast, without any run around or delays. This is the best way to go and I would use them again in the future. Save yourself the trouble and call them first if you want a quality job done transporting your vehicle”

US CAR TRANSPORT delivered a Mercedes SL300 for Gary and the customer wrote:

“These guys got a HUGE load for us. Moving a classic 1983 Mercedes Benz 250 Limo isn’t the easiest job to do for the normal transport company. They got it done with 48 hrs”

US CAR TRANSPORT delivered a Porsche 911 C4S for Trevor and the customer wrote:

“The team in the office were extremely helpful and made this transportation seamless. Great people to work with!!!”

US CAR TRANSPORT delivered a Ford Fusion for Elisbeth and the customer wrote:

“Great professional and timely service!!!!”

US CAR TRANSPORT delivered a Lotus Elise for John and the customer wrote:

“I have used US CAR TRANSPORT a couple of times over the last 4 years and they are always fast in assigning my vehicle to one of their transporters, and theie drivers are always top notch both enclosed and not enclosed.”

US CAR TRANSPORT delivered a Honda Civic for Kris and the customer wrote:

“Easiest car move of my life! Thank you US Car Transport!”

US CAR TRANSPORT delivered a Toyota 4Runner for Ashley and the customer wrote:

“Very professional, on time, and easy to book! A cross country move made easy. “

US CAR TRANSPORT delivered a Porsche 911 for Eduardo and the customer wrote:

“Great communication. This Transporter is very professional. Thank you very much. “